Dharma Talks from the Retreat

A couple of the dharma talks have been posted to Youtube. Please enjoy!



Post Retreat

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It was like a dream

surreal and heartfelt.

Now the connections and memories

will live on in our lives

and in our hearts.


Brother Phap Luu put Wendell Berry’s poem to music,


Song we sang for the the Tewa Elders to thank them for welcoming us to their land.

Registration – Retreat 2017

We have set up a private Facebook Group as a place for retreat participants to ask questions, share their experiences, and to coordinate driving and anything else related to the retreat. To join, please use this Facebook request form.

The retreat is now full and registration is closed. 

A Residential Mindfulness Retreat in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Led by the Monks and Nuns of Plum Village, and offered by the New Mexico Community for Mindful Living.

Thursday, Sept. 28th beginning with dinner through lunch Sunday, Oct. 1st , 2017.

Ghost Ranch Retreat and Education Center, Abiquiu, New Mexico

For more information on the Retreat

Retreat fee is $90.

Housing and meals are additional. You must contact Ghost Ranch directly to make arrangements for housing and meals. Please see the Meals and Accommodations page for more specific information on how to do that.

There is no public transportation to Ghost Ranch. Please see Transportation page.


Scholarships are available. We want everyone who wishes to attend to join us, and we will do everything possible to include you. For more information, please use the Scholarship form.


Ghost Ranch Retreat Center is 21,000 acres of spacious property and may require long walks between buildings.  If you anticipate needing assistance, please check the box.  Carts may be reserved for those who need it.


All retreatants will be in a dharma discussion group.  Please indicate your interest in the following choices:  Depending on interest, we cannot guarantee all of these options will be available.

REFUND POLICY – If you need to cancel your registration for the retreat, please do so by August 24th, 2017 using the Refund Request from for a full $90 refund.  You will need to contact Ghost Ranch directly for a refund on your meals and housing.

For questions about registration, please use the contact form.


Mindfulness Retreat 2017: In the Arms of Mother Earth

Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2017, Abiquiu, NM

This retreat is part of the Awakening Together: Healing the Ancestral Heart Tour in the US this fall by Monastics in the Plum Village Tradition. We invite you to join us for this special opportunity to practice together in stunning northern New Mexico. The retreat will be facilitated and led by Monastic Dharma Teachers and Members of the Earth Holder Sangha, all students of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh.

During this retreat, we will nourish and explore our connection with ourselves, the Earth and each other in daily sitting, walking and eating meditation. We will also receive teachings to look into the suffering and transformation of suffering in ourselves, our families as well as the world. Teachings and practice will also relate to our relationship and response to catastrophic climate change. We will come back to the present moment in order to find the strength and courage not to close our eyes before suffering.

We will bring our practice of mindfulness into the arms of the Earth as we nurture our understanding of interbeing, which helps cultivate compassion for people, animals, plants and minerals. In sharing groups and workshops, we will learn from each other’s experience in transforming difficulties and strengthening our joy and peace, as well as learning how to live more sustainably, and how to maintain skillful activism while remaining stable.

We are aware that Yom Kippur is during this retreat. We plan to include practices of atonement for the earth. Yom Kippur is the Jewish Holiday of atonement.

Location: We will enjoy the embrace of the colorful mesas and magnificent blue skies of northern New Mexico at Ghost Ranch Retreat and Education Center in Abiquiu, NM, on Georgia O’Keeffe’s land.

Dates and Times: The retreat begins with dinner on Thursday September 28th and ends with lunch on Sunday October 1st, 2017.

We are aware that Yom Kippur is during this retreat. We plan to include practices of atonement for the earth. Yom Kippur is the Jewish Holiday of atonement.

We encourage People of Color, Transgender People, Young Practitioners (age 35 and younger), as well as other diversities to join us and are offering special scholarships for these individuals.

For more info: please use the Contact form.

Registration page

Meals and Accomodations